Track Updates Going On

You can track the updates I am woking on RepeatYT here. You can report bugs, suggest new features, contact for ads, or just say hey on our Facebook Page.

On-Going Updates
  • Share Playlist: Adding option to share the saved playlist on Facebook & Twitter.
  • Load Videos From Channel: When the user will click on the channel in search/related videos then all the videos from the channel will be listed.
  • Load More Videos: Currently only 20 videos are displayed in search/related videos. I am working on adding a Load More button which will list more videos.
Upcoming Updates
  • Mobile Website: The current website is not mobile friendly. Will work on making a mobile website.
  • Please suggest new features on our Facebook Page.
Completed Updates
  • Track Current Updates: Created this updates page where users can track general and requested features & bug fixes.
  • Embed Playlist: Users can embed their playlist in their own website/blog by generating the code from the Embed Playlist Page.
  • Save Playlist: Users can now save the playlists and open the same in any device with url .
  • Shuffle: Users can now turn shuffle on and the videos will play randomly from the queued videos playlist.