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A Better Youtube

RepeatYT is a better interface for YouTube. You can search for YouTube videos while your now playing video keeps on playing. While you search for videos the now playing video gets smaller on the right side. You can directly queue the videos in your now playing list from search results or from related Youtube videos. The queued videos will play one by one in the order if repeat is not set. You also have option to shuffle the youtube videos in the queue. You can play any video in the queue by clicking the play button next to it. You can delete any video by clicking the delete button next to it. You can reorder the videos in the queue by dragging and dropping them.

Repeat Youtube

You can replay youtube videos on RepeatYT. You can set the repeat to on by sliding the button. The youtube video will continuously play when youtuberepeat button is turned on. If you dont enable the repeater button then all queued videos will play one by one.

Repeat Multiple Youtube Videos

If you want to repeat single youtube video then just set the repeat to on and play the video. If you want to repeat a group of videos then queue all the videos and set the repeat to off. All the queued videos will conitnuously play one by one.